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  1. The role of proof validation in students’ mathematical learning

    during the process of proof validation. Considering the observed learning effect and its large potential ... results of an exploratory study of first year mathematics undergraduates’ criteria and learning process ... when validating mathematical arguments or proofs. The study is based on a series of written tasks and ...

  2. Developing a valid and reliable means of assessing trainee clinical psychologists' clinical skills in-vivo.

    mixed-methods miniproject aims to evaluate and enhance the validity and reliability of the CSA-RF by ... valid, reliable, multi-dimensional assessments of trainees' clinical competence.       Funding: ...

  3. Students' evaluations of university teaching: dimensionality, reliability, validity, potential biases and usefulness

    This Keynote presentation was delivered by Professor Herb Marsh during the Higher Education Surveys for Enhancement conference 2011. ...

  4. Framework for flexible learning in higher education

    what, when and where they learn: the pace, place and mode of delivery.  There are multiple benefits of ... flexible learning.  It can empower students to become independent and autonomous, and can help foster ... well supported, flexible learning can positively impact upon student recruitment, retention and ...

  5. International services

    higher education system to bring about changes that improve the quality of teaching and the learning ... leaders  to develop your leadership and coaching skills in higher education managers of learning and ... learning and teaching Faculty Staff (new and experienced teachers) National Frameworks for Teaching Quality ...


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